SITE NOTICE: If you have any issues with your Hut please email: - we are making some tweaks due to increased usage, bear with us its all supported by volunteers!

Staus: GREEN

Below are the Districts in the County. By clicking on your District your Virtual Scout Hut will appear, if it has been set up.

You can find training videos on how to use your virtual huts by clicking here.

There are two ways to access your hut. If you a Leader that will be running a session, login with the details provided and then navigate to your hut below.

If you are a young person, or adult entering a virtual hut then navigate to the hut and login as a Young Person. You will be asked just for your hut key- which will be provided to you by your leader or moderator.

You do not need a key for the Rainbow Cafe; you will only be able to access if there are leaders in there. Navigate there and join as a guest. Click on the hut and it will direct you straight there.

It is recommended you connect with a headphone or earphones plugged in using either: